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Take the Alkaline Advantage

Rehydrate your body in a healthy way with alkaline water from ArieSun Inc. A trusted beverage company based in Mount Vernon, New York, our bottled water is not your regular spring water. It offers a number of health benefits, such as replacing your body's lost electrolytes and neutralizing the acid in your blood. You can find this product in health shops, convenience stores, and restaurants.

Benefits to the Body

Alkaline water is naturally produced from a spring that flows out from the ground. It gets its minerals from the rocks that it passes. These minerals can help neutralize the acid in our blood stream. Note that we naturally get acid from things that we eat, such as eggs, orange, and other food items. The minerals from the alkaline water counteract the acid that enters our body. They also improve our blood flow and increase the oxygen levels in the blood stream. Below are some more samples of what alkaline water can do for our body:

• Improves Energy and Metabolism
• Helps with Anti-Aging
• Lubricates Muscles
• Soothes Acid Reflux
• Supports the Immune Systems
ArieSun Alkaline Water

Tastes Like No Other Bottled Water

All bottled water taste different. This is due to the chemicals they contain. The taste of our alkaline water is unlike any other.